"El Palomar" Retreat Center


Just an hour and a half from San Juan, Hacienda Verde has a rustic retreat center completely furnished and equipped to house up to 40 visitors. We rent it out for environmental education, students and professors, personal development activities, yoga workshops and other similar activities. It has several rooms with comfortable bunk beds, a kitchen and six bathrooms, a large open-air dining area and a dedicated "meditation room." Your group may bring provisions and supply the kitchen staff or we can provide these for you. The center faces a lush tropical landscape that fosters an atmosphere of peace and tranquility appropriate for yogic, meditative or other personal development practices. Best of all participants have access to the wonderful forest trails for walking or hiking. Also, from here they can visit the following nearby tourist attractions.

Nearby Tourist Attractions


The National Center for Astronomy and Ionosphere known as Arecibo Observatory with the world’s largest dish radio telescope.

The ancient Caguana Indian Ceremonial Park and Museum of the Taíno Indians considered the most important center of its class in the Caribbean.

Tanama Tours: offering extensive nature adventures in the Tanama River area including hiking, kayaking and rappelling along rarely seen remote sights.

From the visitors center of Camuy Caverns descend over 200 feet to part of the world's third largest underground cave system with its spectacular views.
There are also beautiful beaches to visit from an hour's distance from Hacienda Verde.

For more information or to make reservations contact us at luismi@haciendaverde.org or call 787/602-7040

Photos by Jorge Baez Jimenez

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