Hacienda Verde Activities


We seek alliances and collaboration from:

  • Universities seeking alliances for research education and restoration of Puerto Rico´s rain forests
  • Anyone interested in sustainable/organic agriculture and shade coffee

If you have a passion for Conservation, Green Development, Biodiversity, Tropical Forest, research and education, Community Building, Ecoturism, Agroturism, Sustainable Agriculture and Shade Coffee, Personal and Spiritual Growth; this is your opportunity. Contact us today!

Environmental Education, Research and Restoration


The forest, is full of potential for research and monitoring of nature’s processes. What birds are feeding off the fruit of the Dacryodes Excelsa? Are there enough of them? How can we improve wildlife habitats for the species endemic to this area? What does it take to promote their well being? And, how can we use these to interest children in nature?

There are hundreds of important questions to answer and adventures in learning to be had. With comfortable lodging available, opportunities await investigators in the fields of tropical research, sustainable agriculture, forest management and environmental education. Those in the U.S. will find we are close by, accessible without a travel visa and eligible for many funding sources limited to the U.S. So far REVIBE has established collaborative agreements with the Inter-American and Metropolitan Universities of Puerto Rico and the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. We are interested in establishing more agreements to enable students and staff to develop their projects at Hacienda Verde.

Forested areas here at hacienda Verde are designated solely for use in research and educational activities. We are in the process of restoring ponds and streams with endemic species. Volunteers are welcome to participate in these efforts. We are also seeking collaboration and volunteer assistance for various projects such as developing our plant nursery, opening and labeling trails, butterfly management and other natural science and conservation activities.

Sustainable Agricultural Activities


Shade coffee is being promoted by some of the most prominent international environmental organizations for the development of habitats for birds and creatures, soil conservation and water management. We have joined this trend by farming 40 acres of the property for the production of gourmet coffee using sustainable agriculture practices. The area, formerly razed to grow "sun coffee," is being carefully restored through the use of sustainable agriculture and soil preservation practices implemented solely by hand. Temporary shade for the coffee was planted with plantain trees which have been replaced with permanent trees endemic to the area. This effort will serve as an educational model for sustainable agriculture practices and environmental education. We also work with sustainable and organic vegetables and other products.

For more information contact us at luismi@haciendaverde.org or call 787/602-7040

Photos by Jorge Baez Jimenez

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