Through our non-profit organization, REVIBE (Reverence for Life and Beauty), we seek to fulfill the maxim:

“to learn in order to love, to love in order to preserve”



Hacienda Verde is a 375 acre property located on one of the highest mountains of Puerto Rico’s central mountain range. Seventy-five percent of the property is covered in forests reserved only for research and environmental education purposes. Substantial parts of the forests are of original Tabonuco and Jaguilla. These now rare trees were prominent in Puerto Rico’s primary forests, 99% of which have been lost. The forest is an important wildlife habitat. From it spring the headwaters of El Rio Roncador and three other creeks.

With our restoration efforts we seek to promote the manifestation of the natural world at its best such that it will allow visitors to understand and connect with nature’s awesome and limitless forms of cooperation and interdependence. It is by providing visitors with a meaningful experience with nature and researchers with a valuable tropical laboratory that we hope to fulfill our mission.

Hacienda Verde has a holistic vision that integrates conservation, green development, research, education and restoration through universities, sustainable agriculture, and personal and spiritual growth.

For more information or to reserve dates contact us at or call 787/602-7040

Photos by Jorge Baez Jimenez

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